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James Rogers
James Rogers

Parallels Access For Mac [UPDATED]

Parallels Access is the best solution for accessing a computer from a mobile device. Although most other remote access solutions have this capability, it is hard to beat Parallel Access. This solution lets you access desktop applications like native apps on your mobile device.

Parallels Access For Mac


Exceptional User Interface (UI): Many mobile remote access solutions simply clone your desktop screen on your mobile device. Instead, Parallels Access offers an App Launcher similar to your iOS or Android Launchpad. Then, you simply tap the icon for the desktop application you want to launch from your mobile device.

Optimal Screen Resolution: Parallel Access has done a commendable job optimizing mobile screen resolution when accessing desktop apps. You can set the best resolution for your readability. In addition, the software lets you zoom in and out of images and text to optimize readability.

Parallels Access is most notable for its ability to run desktop apps on mobile devices seamlessly. This feature is perhaps its most significant edge over the competition. In addition, parallels Access navigation is unrivaled.

First, you get complete access to your desktop apps when connecting to a mobile device. Then, the desktop apps appear on your mobile screen. And, you can arrange the apps on your mobile screen as you wish, depending on your most-used applications.

Furthermore, you can also access files stored in the cloud. Parallels Access integrates with OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive to access remote files. This feature is handy if you need to access files not stored on a computer.

You can also store desktop files on your mobile. This feature works even without an internet connection. Simply access the File Manager from your dashboard to transfer desktop files to your mobile device.

Parallels Access is a terrific remote access solution, making it suitable for offering remote support. However, the software is only appropriate in a narrow context, given its limited features. As a result, it is not the best choice as standalone support software.

Parallels Access has its place in your suite of remote support software and tools despite its shortcomings. The platform is affordable enough to use as complementary software for your support software stack. For instance, you can use Parallels Access to access your desktop workstation at the office in an emergency.

Parallels Access is far from the best remote support software solution. But, it delivers on its promise. You can count on the platform whenever you need to access desktop files remotely from a mobile device.

You can avoid this error by accessing your DWGs and other files through the mapped drive Parallels creates rather than from shared or combined folders such as Desktop, Downloads, and Documents.

As long as you complete this step with the Map Mac volumes to Windows option checked, doing so will create a mapped drive in Windows where you can access files from Mac OS with applications.

Parallels Access 6 for Windows and Mac frees up users to be productive from anywhere with the ability to remotely access and work with up to five PC or Mac computers from an unlimited number of iOS and Android devices or HTML5 browsers.

The most popular Parallels Toolbox one-click tools include: Download Video, Energy Saver, Clipboard History, Clean Drive, Free Memory, Presentation Mode, Capture Area, Hide Desktop, Unarchive, Hidden Files, Uninstall Apps and more. Details of the full suite of one-click tools and demo videos are available at

Parallels is releasing its Parallels Access remote desktop app for Android, making it possible to run Windows and Mac applications on Android-based tablets and phones, using an online connection to access apps and files on a computer at home or work.

The company is also expanding its existing Parallels Access iOS app to include the iPhone, and reducing the required annual subscription to $19.99/year, down from $49.99/year previously and $79.99/year when the app launched on iPad less than a year ago. The subscription allows users to access up to five computers remotely from unlimited Android and iOS devices.

The company is also launching new pricing and management options for businesses, with multi-user Parallels Access accounts for companies providing access to up to five computers for $49.99/year, after a free trial period that runs through July 31.

The question is - which address should i use in WinXP-side, to be able to access "localhost:3000" on the Mac-side? Tried ips of "Parallels Shared Networking Adapter #0", gateway, ip of the Mac, but still no success ...

If you note, in the last line is your Default Gateway and two lines above that is IPv4 Address. Default Gateway is the virtual router between your Windows and Mac OS X. Since, Windows is using IP address of x.x.x.3 and router is using x.x.x.1, then Mac is available at x.x.x.2. In my case I am able to access Mac at So you can access your web server using and in my case I use:

The focus really is on remote working. The company now offers a Parallels Access Business Plan that enables IT admins to create and manage an unlimited number of users and concurrent user licenses. This lets them allow employees to access their computer from an unlimited number of mobile devices and HTML5 browsers.

This heavily optimized take on remote access won't be for everyone. Parallels Access supports multiple windows per desktop app, but they don't run side-by-side. The launcher doesn't automatically reflect a computer's software library, either, as it only lists a handful of favorite titles in addition to whatever is already running; the others are present, but you'll have to customize the list. By default, you also don't see the desktop; you have to enable it if you want access to the OS X menu bar or Windows system tray. Still, we'd say that the simplicity ultimately justifies the asking price -- what you lose in flexibility, you gain in speed. We wouldn't mind using Parallels Access to quickly fix documents on a work PC, or to stream a movie that we forgot at home.Turn on browser notifications to receive breaking news alerts from EngadgetYou can disable notifications at any time in your settings menu.Not nowTurn onTurned onTurn on

"We are now in an always-on age where people are increasingly demanding access to theirapplications and data regardless of physical location," said Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels. "With Parallels Access, you can tap, swipe and pinch your way around Mac and Windows applications to ultimately be more productive at work, and lead a more connected life."

Parallels Access for iPad is initially available for purchase on the App Store(SM) as an annualsubscription at $79.99 for each computer being accessed. Each Mac or PC being accessed needsits own subscription. The Mac Agent is available immediately, and the PC Agent is currently in beta and is available at no charge during the beta period. Parallels Access hardware requirements include an iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad mini and a Mac running OS X (Mountain Lion 10.8, Lion 10.7 or the upcoming Mavericks 10.9 after it launches) or a PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8. If a Mac user also runs Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac, then Parallels Access will also "applifiy" all of its Windows virtual machines and apps so they work like they were made for iPad.

I ran into zero glitches when controlling a Mac remotely. And even though the Windows access is in beta, I ran into only two glitches: a single instance of jittery scrolling in a photo program on the remote PC, and a single instance of lack of audio from the iPad when playing one of many videos I tested remotely.

Parallels has updated its Parallels Access app, which allows iPad users access their Mac or Windows desktops on their tablets, with iPhone support, allowing iPhone users to also access their desktops on the go.

There are two pieces to the Parallels Access puzzle: the Parallels Access iPad app and a Mac Agent or PC Agent that is installed on the computer that people want to access through the iPad. Once those two pieces are in place, users can launch their computer applications through their iPad and use native iPad gestures, such as tap, swipe, and pinch, even in applications that aren't optimized for the iPad, such as Microsoft Word.

Parallels Access is currently available for iPad only, but support for other mobile devices is in development. The iPad app is available through the Apple App Store at a cost of $79.99 for each computer being accessed. Once users create their account on the Parallels site, they can download the Mac Agent or PC Agent from their My Account page and install it on their computer.

Parallels Access also lets users access the files on the Windows computer. Tap on the Files button in the upper left corner of Parallels Access home screen. A simple file explorer shows up with folders and drives listed along the right, and the files and folders in each folder or drive showing on the right, just like Finder on a Mac or Explorer on Windows.

Parallels Access is an iPad application that tries to make remotely accessed PC programs work more like a native mobile application. It isolates PC or Macintosh applications, showing them full screen with their own icons. The concept is to reduce resolution and interface issues and make the software operating almost like a native iPad application.

Parallels Access gives you quick access to an application launcher, full of icons for all of your desktop software. A two fingered tap will translate into a right click and dragging your finger translates to a scroll.

So far so good, but be prepared to pay for the software. The company are charging $80/54.99 for a 1 year deal, per pc. At this price we can only assume that the software will target people in the IT industry, who need remote access.

In terms of pricing of Parallels Access for the iPad, it is initially available for purchase on the App Store as an annual subscription at $79.99 for each computer being accessed. Each Mac or PC being accessed needs its own subscription. The Mac Agent is available immediately with a 14-day free trial, and the PC Agent is currently in beta and is available at no charge during the beta period. 350c69d7ab


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